What is a Trip Planner?

Trip consultant, travel organizer, trip advisor, travel concierge; they’re all fancy names for trip planner. We help make it simple and easy for you to take your next trip. 

If you want a stress free, personalized vacation, having a trip planner create a custom itinerary just for you is perfect.

Whether you want a luxury or affordable desert tour, a budget DIY trip filled with fun activities, or you prefer to sit back and have the perfect vacation specifically tailored according to your likes and interests, we can guide you.

Allow us to do the hours and hours of research to find the best non-touristy places to go that only a local would know, as well as narrow down the best tourist attractions, eliminating the ones that you would find boring.

If you’re an antiques lover and shopping addict who doesn’t drink and hates museums, we’re not going to suggest doing a wine tour and day at MOMA. We would, however, give you a daily itinerary with the best flea markets, souks and the hottest new boutique shops, directions from & to each one, and recommend a still secret, antiques filled cafe for lunch.

If you’re going on your honeymoon, we can suggest romantic activities based on whether you would prefer a hot air balloon ride, parasailing, or a cooking class. But if you’re a couple planning a sexy weekend getaway we might spice it up by adding in the best sex museums for you to check out in Amsterdam.

We plan itineraries according to your desires and personality, helping you to avoid overpriced, overdone tourist traps.


You tell us where you want to go, the types of activities and things you like to do, and your budget.

We learn a bit about your interests and lifestyle, and we conjur up something spectacular, completely eliminating all stress of planning and researching.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, a family or a group, we’ve got you covered.

You will fill out a simple questionaire so that we can learn more about what activities and places to visit will be best for you, what type of food and drinks you like, including restrictions, and whether you prefer a more relaxed pace, or hope to get in as much sightseeing as possible each day.

How to Reach Us

If you have travel questions or feedback for us, please contact us here.

Why Choose Wanderlusty?

That’s a great question.

There are hundreds (thousands) of tour companies and travel agents, consultants, advisors, and planners.

Some agencies plan absolutely every detail of a five star luxury trip. Some will be cheaper and offer the bare bones of a hop on, hop off one hour bus ride.

And  if you’re willing to do all the legwork, you may think why even go with a tour company at all?

Our mission at Wanderlusty is to give you the best advice and guidance we can can based on our experience as avid travelers, travel writers and bloggers, residents and guides.

We have carefully hand picked the best of the best; tour guides, drivers, historians, writers and others obsessed with travel and sharing their love and passion for adventure, culture, history, and love for their countries, with you.




Time is money, and trip planning can be exciting and fun- if you’re a blogger.

But for the average person who works all day, the time and energy needed to plan a trip can be exhuasting.

Searching for the best deals can take hours, even days, and not knowing how long it will take to get from one place or activity to the next, or whether the price listed for an activity is too high (or so cheap that the quality of the tour may not be up to par) can make anyone think twice about how much effort it will take to plan that much needed vacation.

We are avid travelers. We’ve got years of experience and first hand knowledge of what its really like in these places. Some of us are local residents, while others are expats who have lived in many countries for months (or years) at a time.

We know which tour guides are fantastic, which companies are best for solo female travelers (especilly in places where harrassment is common), which hotels and restaurants will offer us and our clients the steepest discounts, which luxury, desert glamping experience will give guests a truly a 5-star decadent dining option, and which ones will not.

We will save you time, money and the stress from planning a vacation that makes you need another vacation!

Let us do the work for you.

It is our mission to make sure you fall in love with each place we have visited and have called our homes.

Let us design a custom tour or tailored itinerary just for you so that you do not simply go on a vacation, but that you will come home with the most beautiful, unforgettable memories, and new friends from your trip.


Click here to help us get to know you, and to ask any questions you have.


If you prefer a completely independant, DIY itinerary where you will have your own transportation or use public transport, we can help you create an itinerary according to your wants and needs. You book your own flights and hotels, and we organize your daily schedule and activities. You will fill out a form, and we will discuss a fee based on how many days your trip will be.

If you want a comfortable tour where you have a driver and tour guide arrange absolutely everything for you, from picking you up at the airport, choosing the best restaurants and hotels, and showing you the ultimate vacation where you will feel safe and worry about absolutely nothing but showing up each day.

We will connect you with some of our best tour guides and drivers in the world; partners we have carefully chosen to collaborate with because of their extensive knowledge, skill and professionalism, and their attention to detail, making them the ultimate choice for exceptional tours and service.

Each of our partners has proven to live up to their 5-star TripAdvisor reviews and testimonials from years and years of satisfied customers.

The tour guides and drivers, and in fact all of the professionals we choose to partner with, will work together to create the best tour for your needs.

Whether you choose a private, luxury tour, or a more affordable group tour where you will still get individual attention, offering you an exclusive, discounted rate and working within your budget, we can help you arrange the perfect trip.

And if you want a combination of us planning your DIY itineraries while also adding a tour for part of your vacation, referring you to hotels and activities where we can offer a referral discount, and possibly even suggesting ways you can find flight deals, we can discuss various options for you as well.





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