About Us

Our mission is to inspire, inform, and guide you to have travel experiences that are fun, affordable, and culturally enriching. We value travel as a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the world in which we live. We strive to keep our own travel style, our world outlook, and our business practices consistent with these values.

Custom Travel Experiences


  • We offer travel consulting and trip planning services
  • We research and write informative and entertaining articles and travel guides
  • We organize and lead exciting tours
  • We sell carefully chosen guidebooks, luggage, maps, and other gifts, gear and travel items
  • We teach free do-it-yourself travel workshops
  • We teach travel writing workshops
  • We provide a wealth of free information about travel in our resources and FAQ sections
  • We donate a portion of our proceeds to charities around the world
  • We travel…a lot


  • We are not travel agents, so we don’t book flights, hotels, or rental cars. However, our highly recommended tour companies and guides we partner with may include some of these services in their tour packages for you


  • If you have travel questions or feedback for us, please contact us here.

Why Choose Wanderlusty?

That’s a great question. There are hundreds (thousands) of tour companies and travel agents, consultants, advisors, and planners.

Some will even be cheaper. And of course, if you’re willing to do all the legwork, you may think why even go with a tour company at all?

My mission as the founder of Wanderlusty is to give you the best advice I can based on my experience as a travel writer, and as someone who has visited almost 100, and has lived in seven countries.

I have also hand picked the best of the best; travel writers and bloggers, tour guides, drivers, historians, and others obsessed with travel and sharing their love and passion for travel, and for their countries, with you.

Anytime I am planning a trip, whether its for myself or for others, a rush of excitement courses through my body, and I am thrilled in the same way I was the very first time I took a trip.


From a young child, I would read books like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Pippi Longstocking, and Around the World in 80 Days, and I would watch movies like The African Queen and Casablanca, and dream for hours what it would be like to go to these places and have adventures of my own.

I longed to visit places like Morocco,  to explore this amazing country I had read about and had seen on tv. I couldn’t wait to visit the breathtaking mosques and thousands of years old kasbahs, to shop in the exciting souks and medinas, and to go on a camel trek to the middle of the Sahara and gaze at the stars.

I have returned to Morocco many times, and each time I have fallen in love with it over and over again after finding secret waterfalls, stunning beaches, and dining at exquisite restaurants indulging in fancy Moroccan/ French fusion and traditional delicacies like tagine.

I’ve lived in vibrant, exciting cities, tiny fishing villages, and in small villages most tourists have never heard of. I’m passionately in love with each one of these former homes, and with travel in general.

I long to share these special, secret places with you!

I have explored independantly, as a solo traveler, and when I was married. I have traveled as a backpacking student, and as a more mature traveler with special needs. I have been on many group tours, and on private, luxury tours, enjoying the finest hospitality and service at some of the best 5 star establishments around the world.

I know what travelers want and need.

I have also gone on some tours that not only did not live up to my expectations, but that left me disappointed, leaving me to feel as if I were being herded along quickly from one place to the next, only stopping along the way where my fellow travelers and I were expected to purchase overpriced trinkets (cheap gifts made in China), and bland foods so that drivers and guides could get their commissions.

Some tour companies even hire unprofessional staff who constantly approach women making inappropriate comments and advances, and even sexually harassing solo females.

Over the years, I have sought out the most professional , experienced tour guides and drivers, 3, 4 and 5 star luxury hotels, riads and desert camps, and locals who absolutely love sharing their homes and businesses with visitors.

I want you to meet them.

It is my mission to make sure you fall in love with each place I have visited and have called my home, in the same way that I have, knowing that I now have “family” and friends in these places forever.

Let us design a custom tour or tailored itinerary just for you so that you do not simply go on a vacation, but that you will come home with the most beautiful, unforgettable memories, and new friends from your trip.

About our founder

April Hope has been to almost 100 countries, and has lived in 7 countries on 5 continents.


Her popular travel site, Love Lust or Bust, has helped thousands of travelers to find the most romantic destinations in the world, and was the inspiration for Wanderlusty Tours.


She is absolutely thrilled every single time she helps someone to travel a new place, or to return to a beloved land where they can rediscover and experience the same, intense joy and passion she relives each and every time she travels.

She has carefully selected the most experienced, skilled professionals from around the world to form an unbeatable team of experts in the travel and hospitality industry whose mission is to make absolutely sure that you have the most unique, unforgettable trip of your life.

Let us guide you.






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