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It is impossible not to fall in love with Morocco. With over a thousand miles of stunningly beautiful along both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coastlines, awe inspiring mountains, and miles and miles of the Sahara desert where one will never see as many stars as you’re able to view here, how can you not find a place in your heart for this beloved country? Even those who adore the hustle and bustle of a city will love the chaos and energy of Fez, Marrakech, or Casablanca. Each new town and city offers something different, unique little surprises that will make you completely unable to choose a favorite.


Shopping addictions of celebrities and jet-setters with impeccable taste and a lust for the finest of goods will be satiated here. Surfers will be thrilled by the waves crashing along the pristine beaches of Taghazout. And hippies and backpackers will end their search for home the moment they find Essaouira where Bob Marley tunes strung on beat up guitars by dreadlocked locals seduce them into staying just a little bit longer than any other place ever could.


In the same way I have a fiercely passionate love/ hate relationship with my home; NYC, I am crazy about Morocco. I have often wondered why so may famous artists and writers made this place their home when there are so many places in the world to explore. Bali, St. John. Jamaica, Paris; there are so many places on this Earth where I have considered placing roots. Morocco is where I have planted them.


Visit these cities as a day trip, or for a luxurious holiday and see if you become infatuated as well.


Fes is a must see destination on a trip to Morocco. This enchanting walled city, Morocco’s former capital, has something for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, looking for gifts, antiques, or gorgeous tea sets, or you’re looking for a secret, romantic riad to relax and spend time with your partner, this medieval city is the perfect for you to explore. Be sure to visit the place Moroccans are most proud of; oldest university in the world.


High Atlas Mountains

Even the most cynical, jaded travelers cannot fail to be moved by the beauty of the High Atlas Mountains, especially in winter when the snow covers the peaks even more than usual. You’ll get to the 600 miles (4000m at the highest peak) of mountains through the Tizi n Tichka pass, and along the way you’ll see cascading waterfalls and streams, farms, remote Berber villages and plenty of animals grazing.



Recently Imlil has become famous after two tourists were found murdered near their tents. This was the first ever murder of a tourist in Morocco, and locals, ex-pats and visitors alike were horrified. Sadly, whenever anyone mentions this village now, people automatically think of the incident, and of course tourism in the area has suffered greatly because of this.

The truth is, Imlil is an amazing destination, not just for hikers and those who love camping and hiking, but for anyone who wants to take a day trip from Marrakech (less than 2 hours from from the city) to see why people have been skipping some of the other, more popular tourist spots and coming to Imlil for years.


You won’t really find the type of luxury accommodations you can get in Marrakech here, it’s much more basic. But, much of the tourism income in this area supports associations like the litter collection and disposal and other charitable groups and associations.



Marrakech is unlike any other city in Morocco. There are plenty of medinas and souks in towns, villages and cities around the country, but Marrakech has a special blend of the old, traditional culture, with more contemporary, upscale and luxurious shops, hotels, and restaurants. Nicknamed “The red city”, the souks and cafes are as mesmerizing as the snake charmers who hypnotize bystanders. This city attracts artists and musicians, celebrities and world leaders, antique seekers, and honeymooners to its magical, mystical, exotic center.


Koutubia mosque is a focal point where people gather to find the best rooftop terraces and cafes, museums, expensive kaftans, and perfume. At night, drummers and vendors come to persuade visitors and locals to shop, listen, laugh and maybe even fall in love, if not with a person, then with the city.



The “Versailles of Morocco” is a beautiful, ancient city filled with secrets from centuries ago. The elaborate, ancient Moorish architecture will entice you with its partly excavated Roman city (and UNESCO World Heritage Site), created and built in the 3rd century as a Phoenician settlement that retains its beauty today.


If you’re looking for an unforgettable Sahara Desert experience, Merzouga is it. Camels and sand dunes and luxury tents with gorgeous bamboo furniture and stunningly beautiful, hand woven carpets strewn everywhere, and lounging on boldly colored pillows, surrounded by candles, as you stare up at the stars. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Seafood and seagulls will lure you to this quaint resort town along southern Morocco’s coast. Cafes and shops and beaches make this place a perfect getaway from the excitement of the cities. You’ll find plenty of artists and musicians and bohemians here enjoying the serenity and the gorgeous views.


This mini city in the Sahara is a perfect stopping point on the way to or from the desert. The vendors here will bargain hard, but don’t be scared off from the high starting prices of these beautiful carpets or pure silver Berber jewelry; they’ll accept credit cards, and you’ll go home with the most amazing treasures and memories.

Ouzoud Waterfalls

Whether you’re a romantic or just a lover of hiking and nature, you’ll fall in love with this waterfall, just a few hours away from Marrakech. Wear comfortable shoes, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to take photos from the chartered boats that will get you even closer to the stunning falls.


This historic city is partly traditional with ancient Roman and medieval ruins and tombs, and partly modern with a heavy European, Art Deco influence. There are lovely souks here, but with a much calmer, more relaxed vibe, unlike the hectic chaotic energy of Marrakech. 

 The most unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

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