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“The farthest land of the setting sun” is what some call Morocco, one of the most extraordinary countries in the world.. Marrakech itself has been called “amur” or “akush”; “The Land of God”.  

When you take a luxury trip through Love of Morocco, you’ll find out why.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous camel trek through the desert, you only want to find the most incredible shopping deals, you’re longing for a seaside, romantic escape, or you’re more interested in the rich culture and history of a land, we know what you need, and we have the most skilled, experienced experts who are passionately in love with this country. We can plan your custom, luxury experience.

We will plan your itinerary around stunning landscapes, historical buildings and monuments, and provide you with the opportunity to have unique interactions with the people and places we love.

You will discover our favorite secret spots, as well as famous tourist attractions, like the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world’s largest medieval medina in the heart of Fez, the Karaouine, one of the world’s oldest universities, the most luxurious glamping experiences in The Sahara Desert, and ancient Roman cities and ruins. We will guide you along in your journey to find the most fascinating architectural sites, kasbahs, medinas and majestic mosques. From the most intricately carved, beautiful doors, to the robin’s egg, powder blue painted streets of Chefchouen, to the Atlas Mountains, we delight in your joy at experiencing these moments for the first time.

If you’re interested in the exciting chaotic souks of Djemaa El Fna you’ll enjoy performances by acrobats and musicians, marvel at hypnotic snake charmers and monkey trainers, and sip nus nus on rooftop terraces and skybars.

Fishing villages like Essaouira or Taghazout will lure you with freshly cooked seafood dinners and paintings by local artists, and surfers and Bob Marley reggae bands will make you wish you could stay for just a bit longer.

Race 4×4 vehicles and motorcycles around the Merzouga dunes until evening when it’s time to just sit on the carpet outside of your tent and gaze at the incredible spectacle of the sun setting over the giant dunes and more stars than you ever imagined are visible in the sky, overpowering even the brightest moon.

Whatever you dream of as your ideal holiday, we will make sure your luxury tour with Love of Morocco is the most amazing, awe inspiring, unforgettable trip of a lifetime, and so Instagram worthy all of your friends will be filled with envy.

But you needn’t think that your trip will be a nonstop whirlwind of activity (unless you want it to be). If you are seeking a more relaxing, laid back pace, sip a glass of Moroccan mint tea under the shade of an orange tree and imagine living in a much slower time where sunny souks and bazaars are simply always there, waiting for you to come and talk, gossip or shop. Tagines with brightly colored vegetables and thick stews of lamb, chicken or beef, simmer slowly for hours, and restaurant, cafe and shop owners never rush you.

Morocco’s history is over 10,000 years, and interwoven with Arab, Muslim, Jewish, Spanish and Roman influences. Incredibly modern and contemporary comforts await you alongside an ancient, traditional world.

Love of Morocco expert travel advisers don’t simply excel at planning fun adventures for you; we love surprising our guests with the best accommodations possible. Whether you’re seeking an exclusive, luxury, private desert camp, a romantic riad (a traditional courtyard guest house, usually centered around a pool and lush gardens), or you’re seeking only the finest 5 Star hotels, we know what you want. In fact, we excel at finding unique palaces and kasbahs that are sure to delight you.

First time visitors to Morocco might be overwhelmed or perhaps confused, so we do want to share a few things with you in order to help you prepare for your trip. Please check out our FAQ for more information, and let us know if you have any other questions. We want to be sure that your luxury custom tour with Love of Morocco is the most amazing, unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

 The most unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

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